ModCloth: Product Detail Page

In 2014, we decided to redesign the Product Detail Page (PDP) to drive an increase in "Add to Bag” clicks, promote higher conversion rates by streamlining the purchase flow, and improving product discovery by integrating more relevant cross-sells. We reorganized and simplified the purchase lockup to create a more condensed interface. By hiding Details & Measurements under an expandable view, we were able to enlarge product hero photos and reduce clutter to elevate core purchasing actions.

When tested against the original PDP, the new design was incredibly successful: "Add to Bag” rates were up 18%, revenue per user was up 12%, and general conversion rates were up by 12%. Secondary metrics were also drastically improved: “Add to Wishlist” was up 32%, loves were up 16%, and restock notifications were up 4.5%. Overall, the project was a great success and the metrics were so overwhelmingly positive that we were able to switch 100% of users over to the new PDP in less than two weeks.